Nai Lert Butler

Butler School

Etiquette Master Class

The British Butler Institute

Etiquette Master Class


1 day program

09.30 – 16.00



The Classroom, Park of Nai Lert




  • Being a Good Host

Responsibilities and duties for hosting different kind of occasions


  • Personal Presentation

Protocol and grooming for cleaning, grooming and maintaining every part of body with international standard including common dress code consideration


  • Body Language and Facial Expression

Effective non-verbal communication, gesture and appropriate expression


  • Making an introduction

Essentials social skills in performing introductions; procedures faux pax and responses


  • How to Make a Good Conversation

Interpersonal skill in small talk, idea expression, effective response and tactics


  • Table Manners

Utensils and cutlery usage, practicalities and what to do at the table, including ethnic food and beverage protocol


  • Event Planning:

Sending Out Invitation

Seating Plan 

Entertaining Guide

Arrival and Departure Procedure

Decoration Idea for Parties


  • Card for Special Occasions

Invitation card

Thank you card


  • Public Manners

Considerations and protocol in different places and occasions; pedestrians, elevator, stairs, mobiles and public transportation


Training Tool:

  1. Group discussion

The attendants are encouraged to discuss related topics as a group, to exchange ideas and experiences.


  1. Role-play

Each module requires the attendants to practice and experiment in virtual situations in the training area, comment and suggest with trainer and other attendants